Had An Accident?


  • Exchange information with other party. Names, phone numbers, license plate number, drivers license number.
  • Take photos of the areas that are damaged on all vehicles if possible.
  • File your SGI claim online: www.sgi.sk.ca or call 1-844-855-2744.
  • Make sure you mention that you want your vehicle repaired at Regina Auto Body then your adjuster will dispatch the claim to RAB and we will set up an appointment for you to get the initial estimate completed on your vehicle if it meets SGI's criteria.
  • If the claim doesn't meet SGI criteria, you will have to make an appointment with SGI to take the vehicle to the nearest SGI Claim Centre.
  • Contact Regina Auto Body 306-757-6683. Online www.reginaautobody.ca and complete the online appointment form, or email reception@reginaautobody.ca with a scanned copy of the estimate that SGI prepared. RAB will set up a time for the vehicle to come in for repairs. We will also arrange a replacement vehicle if required.